the ‘70s

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In this 5 minute clip:

Marie D’Antoni and the company: 
(in line-up)   Jimmy Camicia, Wilhelmina Ross, Marie, Don Hollyoak, Ian McKay, Lance Norebo, & Lenny Dean performing
          “Taki Trash”

Robert Arr, Cynthia Stardust, Hellas Calderon, Sister Tui & Lola Star performing 
          “The Show Must Go On”

           “Winners are the Losers”
Cyril Cyprian/Java:
           “Call Me Drag Queen”
Ian & Wilhelmina:
           “Squeezing the Charming”
Lola, Marie, Sister Tui:
           “Up Town, Up-Tight, Up Yours”
Jimmy, Ian, Cyril”
           “Gay Space Queen”
Peggy Shaw (in Berlin):
           “Seperate” *
Company performing Hot Peach theme.

Pianist:  Luke Viglucci

* Pianist:  Jan Robijns

we created our own little theater in nyc’s chelsea district and called it “the peach pitts”