The ‘80s

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In the ‘80s we produced a number of cable/studio shows, cabaret performances and a grand tour of Europe.  In this 5 minute clip:

Jimmy in Berlin introducing company of International Chrysis, Ron Jones, Amy Coleman & Mark Hannay.

Chrysis, Ron, Amy: 

          “The Show Must Go On”*


          “Call Me Drag Queen”*


          “What Does It Do?”*

Tony Nunziata: 

           “Crazy Ray-Gun”

Chrysis & Co.: 



          “Victorian Queen”*

Emilio Cubeiro:

          “Home Suite”

Ada Dyer:

          “Cocktail Waitress Song”**

Michael St. Claire: 

          “White House”

Lois Weaver & Peggy Shaw: 

           A Love Song



Initia Durley: 


Ondine & Co.: 

           “Do Your Dream”****


           “That’s It!”


  1. *Keys:  Tom Judson

  2. *Guitar:  Ramani Krishna

  3. **   Jon Pohlman

  4. *** Roy Nathanson

  5. ****  Jon Pohlman leading

  6. *Guitar:  Joe Longo, Brass:  Roy Nathenson, Drums:  David Neskie, Bass:  Mark Rebo, Keys:  Mark Steinberg